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<b>6 Ways To Natural Breast Enhancement</b>

ExerciseSpecific exercises can help tone the muscles around your breasts.

Stronger muscles give your breasts better support which in turn gives them a firmer appearance. Press-ups are very good for this. Another great exercise is where you put your hands together as if you are going to pray, making sure your elbows are at 90? angles and you push hard for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Next time you are down the gym ask an instructor to recommend some exercises for you; and if you can't make the gym then look up 'breast-firming exercises' on Google. You can do these exercises at home - you don't need equipment. You could also do exercises that help improve posture. Standing tall and walking correctly will not only make you look slimmer, but will also make your breasts appear more pert as opposed to looking droopy when you are hunched over.

Lose Weight Slowly As with all things there has to be a balance, and the same is said of losing weight. Eat well and exercise regularly and you should maintain your boobs; lose it suddenly and you can look forward to a pair of empty 'sacs' or even worse - sagging, empty sacs. Take it easy, 1-2 lbs weight loss a week is recommended. Unfortunately for most women the weight comes off their face and breasts first, leaving the hips, bum and stomach for last!Look at celebrities for example - they lose weight drastically (by starving themselves, taking drugs, or a combination of both), lose all their fat and muscle and then have to have implants because they have nothing left up top.

If they ever wanted their bosom back the only way would be to put some weight back on. If they had eaten healthily and exercised normally they would probably still have their own boobs. However with implants they can starve themselves but still have a 'womanly' figure (if that's what you call it). Do it properly the first time girls, lose weight the right way so you can protect your assets.

Look After Your SkinWe all know the importance of looking after our skin. The skin on our chest is no less important than anywhere else on our body. Two rules to follow:1) Keep your skin strong, supple and hydrated by nourishing it with healthy foods and drink.2) Don't fry yourself in the sun - it's as simple as that.

When sunbathing use a strong enough sun-factor. Anything less then 30SPF is kidding yourself.You do not want to end up with a wrinkled leathery dehydrated chest, and saggy shriveled dried-up prunes for breasts. You will lose the firmness and elasticity in your skin, not to mention the shape of your breasts as the skin will not be strong enough to support them.

As we get older it all heads south anyway so let's not help it along, let us try and prevent it.Wear The Correct BraHow many of you know your bra size? Okay, how many of you have actually been measured? If you haven't then the next time you are out shopping pop into a shop that sells ladies underwear and ask to be measured. It's a free service and they will be able to advise you on the type of bra you should be wearing.Balconette and push-up bras look good with certain type of clothes but for everyday wear you need a bra that fits you properly, provides the right level of support, let's you skin breathe and is not cutting into you.

Have you seen those women that look like their boobs are cut in two because the bra cuts across their chest and distorts their breast shape? It's not an attractive look.Creams, Lotions and HerbsVarious creams and lotions can temporarily tone and tighten the skin around your breasts, which in turn eliminates sagging by lifting your boobs. They may slightly increase in size but overall the products are used to improve appearance. There are various beauty treatments available that give similar results to use-at-home products; these can be had as a treat before a special occasion or big night out.

One popular alternative to cosmetic surgery is the use of herbs. Herbs are incredibly potent and when used correctly can be very powerful. There are many herbal breast enlargement formulas out there but they fail for the majority of women who try them and that is because they contain the wrong herbs in the wrong amounts - what works for one woman in one quantity may not work for another. For maximum results ensure a programme is customised especially for you.

MassageThis way doesn't cost you a penny! Another way to enhance your bust, even if only temporarily, is to get your boyfriend to give you a massage. During lovemaking let him spend longer than he usually would on your bosom, gently squeezing them and massaging them. When you are aroused, blood rushes to your breasts causing them to swell and this effect lasts for a short while after. So if the breasts are massaged regularly while in this aroused swollen state this could stimulate the breast tissue to grow.

I say it could stimulate growth, because it would have to be done alot i.e. on a daily basis for a few months.However if you have just met someone and are in the 'honeymoon period' of having sex fifty times a day then it will be easy for you to incorporate this into your daily routine.

As well as potentially bigger breasts, you have weight loss, clear skin, improved immunity, better sleep and the release of plenty of feel-good endorphins to gain - it's a win-win situation! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: If you want bigger breasts easily and naturally without expensive pills and silly gadgets Chantal recommends the 'The Flat to Fab Breast Enlargement Program' which comes with a 3-Month 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.



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