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Ground Breaking Book Busts Myth of Breast Implant Surgery

Reveals New World of Options to Women Looking to Increase Their Breast SizeA newly released book explodes the common notion that implant surgery is the only way for women to increase their breast size, revealing over 12 alternative techniques, involving massage, simple exercise, diet, herbs and creams.

"To All Women Who Want To Enhance Their Breasts Naturally, But Don't Know How To Start" describes and details the most important breast enhancement techniques from every corner of the world. Author Yvonne Lee, provides an unbiased pro-and-con analysis of each technique, in addition to practical information such as how and where to get it, cost, and potential impact on insurance coverage.The ebook version of the book is now available at: .breastenhancementbook.

com/ebook/"It's about time someone wrote a book outlining all of the different options women have to enhance their breasts," said Cynthia M. Goodman, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California. "Yvonne's extensive research on the subject will really help any woman and I will definitely recommend it to my patients.""In an age where the only publicized way to enlarge your breasts is the 'Pamela Anderson way' -- through implants," said Lee, "I want women to know that there are dozens of other choices.

However, I want women who are contemplating augmentation surgery to know that this book contains the critical information they need as well."Lee's book is the result of over 600 hours of researching and cataloging dozens of options for women looking to achieve size and shape augmentation to their breasts. It includes special diet and exercise programs, massage techniques and a comprehensive list of the benefits and properties of breast enhancement creams and pills.The book chronicles modern and ancient techniques from around the world and Lee points out the techniques can help women of any age.

Lee's book is endorsed by more than 83 highly respected doctors from 28 countries internationally. In addition to the information in her book, Yvonne offers a website which will contain updated information on a regular basis, and readers can opt for personal consultation services with the author as well.