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Beauty during pregnancy

It is considered that a woman becomes especially beautiful while pregnancy.

Sweet, smooth, feminine, inspired. She fulfils her missing - child-bearing. And it's important for this little non-born creature to feel comfortable near mother's heart, it's also very important for a mother to be in a good and placid mood. How one can feel comfortable, when a whole organism is re-forming roughly?Hormones are boiling up, fevering and chilling you, causing groundless fits of merriment and crying one by one.

Your greatly praised figure starts guttering slowly, and telltale spots appear on your always well-groomed, rosy (enviable) face. Willy-nilly, you'll start doubting your attraction.It is no secret that while pregnancy, woman's organism withstands heavy duty, and it influences woman's appearance not always the best way.Such a double feeling seizes a pregnant woman: joy of soon baby birth and at the same time anxiety about her hair, teeth and skin condition during pregnancy.

She looks through dresses she wore before pregnancy and asks herself, whether she'll be able to put them on after giving birth. It's time to calm down now, look around and see mothers of 2 and 3 children, whose figures are enviable for young girls. The main thing you should remember - is that an elementary care of your appearance and physical exercises will help to keep your beauty!An elementary care of your appearanceThe way to hold your breast's shapeThis question worries pregnant women a lot, as pregnancy and breast feeding worsen breast's shape, in many people's opinions. This is not quite right.

Excellent physical state, good state of tissues and perfect work of endocrine system help to form a beautiful woman's breast during post-natal period, even if a woman nursed her baby. In the beginning of pregnancy it's difficult to foresee a form your breast may take after you stop nursing a baby, so you need to take some measures that will allow you to hold your breast shape.Wear a good bra. During pregnancy and breast-feeding, breast increases in size and becomes heavy.

It's not recommended to put off bra before going to bed, so that the breast wouldn't sag. Cups of bra should cling to your breast very well, but without squeezing it! You should change bras as your breast increases.You need to wash your breasts off every day with warm water and soap and wipe them with tough towel. Don't apply a wet compress on your breasts!Several times a day arrange air-baths for your breasts during 10-15 minutes.

Bar from appearing of extensions on your skin. They can appear as a result of break of elastic tissues. Hormonal and vitaminous medicines, made on carotene, help very well. They are taken as pills.

Vitaminous creams are also extensively used while taking care of breasts. Smear your breasts and nipples with a cream after hygienic washing with boiled water every evening before going to bed. Massage cream in your breasts and nipples softly with your fingers.To prevent chaps on your skin and keep skin elasticity and tenderness, smear your skin with creams, based on hormones and vitamins.

The way to keep your hair beautyMany women suffer from intensive hair shedding and worsening while pregnancy: grease hair becomes greaser, and dry hair becomes drier.If your hair is too dry. Melt beef marrow, filter it and mix it with rum (4:1). Rub this mixture into your head regularly.

If your hair is too grease. It's not recommended to comb with a hairbrush. It's advisable to wash your hair more often, than usually, using liquid acid soap or a special shampoo. Every night before going to bed, it's useful to massage your head skin.

During pregnancy it's not recommended to make a permanent wave.Hair condition will improve, if you make a short haircut.Shape of face changes often during pregnancy: face becomes wider, features become rugged.Consult your hairdresser as for an appropriate haircut.

The way to keep healthy teethDuring pregnancy teeth become very frail. So it's very important to observe the following rules during this period:- eat food containing calcium and vitamin C- reduce sugar content in your food allowance, so that to prevent caries development- remember to brush your teeth twice a day- consult dentist for a preventive medical inspection regularlyCosmeticsDuring pregnancy a rough hormonal reorganization takes place in woman's organism, and as a result, cosmetic skin defects appear sometimes. Pigmentation is among them. In such cases it's very important to increase coming in of vitamin C to organism and use a cream with UF-protection while staying at the sun.

Concerning different cosmetics, there're no reasons to stop using it. However, it's better to use well-known cosmetics, bought in special shops and not causing allergy.The way to choose clothes and shoesWomen often consider that clothes are a minor question for a pregnant woman, especially at home. This is not quite right.

A well-dressed woman has higher vitality, as she can overcome her pregnancy easier, being in good mood. At the same time, clothes should correspond to the state of her organism: it's necessary for a dress to be loose, light, appropriate to a season and not restraining movement.Bras should correspond to your size, not squeezing breasts and shoulders. It's more preferable to wear cotton underwear.

If outer clothing is loose and not squeezing your waist, it will hide an increasing belly and make you more elegant.The bigger your belly is, the stronger muscles of front abdominal wall stretch, and because of a belly lowering, fetus position in uterus changes. To prevent such complications, it's recommended to wear a special belt - bandage that serves as an additional support for your belly and uterus. Moreover, it helps to keep correct bearing and slenderness.

Put bandage on while you're lying and lace it up according to your belly volume.It's not desirable to wear pants with tight garters that squeeze your body. But you can wear loose comfortable trousers, shorts, tights.Tension of leg muscles becomes stronger and load on joints increases, when you wear high-heels.

As a result, you get overfatigue. It's necessary to wear shoes on low wide heel, to reduce the loud on front part of feet and obtain better steadiness.Don't worry your figure has changed its form during pregnancy. Try to wear fashionable and beautiful clothes, of course, minding your state.

Moreover, today being pregnant means being fashionable: clothes strive to accentuate woman's special condition, as never before. Translucent blouses, accentuating roundish belly, sun-dresses and slinky (notice: not squeezing, but slinky!) dresses, jeans with low waist. There're collections of beautiful and fashionable clothes for pregnant women in many shops. So, it's quite time to go shopping and give yourself a treat buying some elegant fashionable skirt or a striking pullover!GYMNASTICS FOR PREGNANT WOMENFor the period of pregnancy, increase of body weight shouldn't exceed 10-12 kg.

If you exceed this limit, consult a doctor that will prescribe you an appropriate diet.If you have never gone in for sport earlier, a period of pregnancy isn't the best moment to start doing it. However, if you are going in for sport regularly and your body is well trained, there's no necessity to quit exercising at all. You just shouldn't do exercises, connected with considerable loads on your organism or risk to fall down.

Long cycling, skiing and skating, rowing, riding, hugging heavy rucksacks, weight-lifting and too jerky motions are categorically forbidden.Ventilate your room very well before doing exercises. Clothes shouldn't restrain your motions: in winter it's better to exercise wearing a training costume, in summer - a cotton swimsuit. If you've never done exercises before, you shouldn't wait for wonder-working results.

It's really better to do some simple exercises and little by little, but every day. If you start suffering from some unpleasant sensations or pains, choose some other exercises that you will like more and do easier. Each organism has its own inner reserves, muscle system state and cardiovascular system reaction. Don't strive for records: choose your speed and observe your health.

Everyone bears pregnancy individually. The matter is not in the terms of pregnancy, but in your health - both your and your baby's. You need to overcome your idleness, but don't tire yourself out. Remember, dear ladies, about the fact that during pregnancy your body warms up not so quick, and you also have to breathe for 2 people now.

So, it's really better to do less exercise, but constantly, increasing loads little by little.Pregnant women should walk as much as possible. However, overloads, causing tiredness are prohibited. Go for short walks several times a day.

Comfortable shoes made of high quality materials will prevent you from tiredness while walking.Swimming is an ideal kind of sport for pregnant women.Going up and downstairs is an exercise that different doctors recommend to pregnant women. This exercise is simple and accessible, however, quite efficient.

You need to observe several simple conditions: keep your mouth closed, breathe out slowly and hold back straight; then your diaphragm becomes especially active. Diaphragm is exceptionally important while providing correct development of you fetus.Time changes, women make themselves a carrier and start thinking of having a baby, to put it mildly, later. But medicine goes forward too, and a risk of complications while late pregnancy is lower now.

However, the later we decide to do this, the more carefully we should treat our health and keeping of beauty. So, dear ladies, if you're in the family way, listen to our advices and start taking timely measures to remain being the most beautiful and charming women after pregnancy.Yana Mikheeva is the creator of Baby Health Directory - Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting and Baby Care resources. Are you going to get pregnant? Visit our friendly resource and read information on pregnancy and parenting, painless childbirth, growth and development of a baby, baby health, safety, signs of pregnancy.

She also has All about women site where you can find articles on various subjects, such as: diets, receipts, health, cellulite, figure, aromatherapy, wholesome food, psychology of relationships, pregnancy, parenting, fashion and many others.



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