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Breast Cancer Awareness The term breast cancer actually refers to a large family of cancers that can develop in any part of the breast tissue.

The most common types of breast cancer start in the glandular tissue - and the most common offal, in the ducts.To put it very simply - Our bodies are made up of cells. Normally, cells reproduce themselves by dividing in a regular, orderly fashion so that growthand repair of body tissues can take place. However, disease can cause cells to form abnormallyand, if left, can lead to cancer.

Breast cancer can also spread to other parts of the body, travellingthrough the blood and the lymphatic system, in somecases enabling the cancer to return once treated. The spreading of the cancer leads to secondary cancer. Inbreast cancer, the spread is most often to the bones,lungs or liver. The original (or primary) cancer is inthe breast.

The secondary cancer is still breast cancer, but it has invaded a different part of thebody and become established there.How scary does that sound? This is why it is important for everyone to be breast aware.l Nearly 80% of all breast cancers are detected by women who report unusual changes to their doctor. Thisstatistic highlights the importance of being breastaware.

Especially when breast cancer is the secondmost common cancer in the UK with over 41,000 newcases diagnosed every year.How to be Breast-aware:Women need to know what their own breasts feel like.Breasts do change, not only during your life, but alsoduring the menstrual cycle. You need to know yourboobs.

This means feeling them and checking theirappearance in a mirror. It's not just lumps that canbe a problem, but also dimple-like indents in thebreast.Thanks to earlier detection and improved treatment,breast cancer death rates in the UK have fallen by afifth in the last ten years.It is important to be breast-aware and you shouldtell your doctor if you notice any changes in the lookor feel of a breast.

Be sure to attend breastscreenings whenever you are invited. You can still askfor breast screening after the age of 70, just phoneor write to your local breast screening unit or GP.Remember it's not just you who may get to know yourboobs, your lover also knows your breasts very welltoo. Teach him to also be breast-aware.

If you are worried about having a family history ofbreast cancer, you can speak to your GP about areferral to a breast clinic.Helpful - Breast Cancer Care is theUK's leading provider of information, practicalassistance and emotional support for anyone affectedby breast cancer. - Breakthrough is the UK's leadingcharity committed to fighting breast cancer throughresearch and education.BreastCancerCareSite. - Founded to help offerfree mammograms to underprivileged women nationwide.With a simple, daily 'click', visitors help providemammograms to those in need.NationalBreastCancer.

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