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Actual Breast Enhancement Exercises

Among all the different methods of breast enhancement, breast enhancement exercises are perhaps the cheapest among them all.

For your easy reference, I have reproduced the following breast enhancement exercises with permission from Ms Yvonne Lee, internationally acclaimed book "To All Women Who Want To Enhance Their Breasts Naturally, But Don't Know How To Start". It describes and details the most important breast enhancement techniques from every corner of the world. Author Yvonne Lee, provides an unbiased pro-and-con analysis of each technique, in addition to practical information such as how and where to get it, cost, and potential impact on insurance coverage.The ebook version of the book is now available at: . Lie face down with your stomach on a flat surface, with knees bent and ankles crossed. 2) Remaining in that position, bend your elbows while keeping your palms in line with your shoulders. 3) Slowly raise your body with your ankles crossed when balancing on your hands and elbows.

By doing so, you will not raise too far off the flat surface you are lying on. DO NOT straighten your elbows while raising your body off the surface as this may injure your joints. 4) Lower your entire body slowly but do not lie down. You should decrease the angle only until your arms are in line with the floor (for example).

5) Do in repetitions of ten, slowly increasing the repetitions as you become stronger.Wall Push-ups:This is an easier version of push-ups so if you find that push-ups are too difficult for you, you can always start with wall push-ups.1) Stand facing a flat wall about 3 feet away with your legs together.2) Place your hands on the wall, shoulder width apart.

3) With your chin tucked in, inhale and slowly bend your arms. In doing so, lower your body towards the wall.4) Keeping your back as straight as possible, exhale and slowly raise yourself up to the starting position. Make you’re your back is straight.

5) Repeat 10 times and rest for 30-60 seconds before attempting another repetition of 10.Pectoral Press:1) Grabbing a five pound weight in each hand, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. 2) Keep your back straight and abs tight. Bend your elbows out to the side at right angles to your body.

3) Slowly press elbows, forearms and hands together in front of your chest, initiating the movement with your pectoral muscles. 4) Press your arms back to the starting position slowly. 5) Repeat and do three sets of twelve.Incline Press:1) With a five pound weight in each hand, prop your head, neck and upper back up with firm pillows or other firm support, like a large foam wedge, while lying down.

2) Bend your elbows out to the side of your body at right angles.3) Slightly tuck in your chin to keep a straight yet relaxed natural posture.4) Slowly bend the ends of the weights up to touch the front of your chest, keeping your arms bent. DO NOT smack the weights together.

5) Separate the weights and press your elbows back to your starting position.6) Do 3 sets of 12 with a combination of other exercises in is offering Free Sample, Limited Period Only.

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